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Home parties can be the best - birthday parties, retirement parties and holiday parties. You don't have to save part of your party budget to rent a venue! More for the party! On the other hand, it can be more stressful - you should be the life of the party, not the drudge making sure all details go correctly.

BozWellz Catering can take some of that pressure off of you. Bringing the food, cleaning up afterward, and making sure everything runs smooth as French silk pie.

Holiday parties, lady's luncheons, or the big 4-0, we're here to make your private party extra special.

BozWellz Catering


Elegant or formal, cocktail party or cake and ice cream, BozWellz makes it's delicious food in house. Yup, even the ice cream. Meatballs, smokies, cheesecake bites, ice cream, pies, cakes, slider sandwiches, salads, you name it, we make it.

Best of all? We travel. Give us a call at 712.299.1875 and book your party now.

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BozWellz Catering

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