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We don't just cater, we make it an EVENT. From lavish decorations to spectacular food, BozWellz Catering does it all. We'll help you plan your event, set up tables and chairs, decorate and get it all within YOUR budget.

We got this.

BozWellz Catering

At BWC, we like to think we can do it all. And then we go out of our way to prove it. From sit down prime rib dinners for 100 to a Rock'n Roll 80's party for 650, we've pushed against any limitations to bring our customers the best - and at a budget they can afford.

And we like to mention we are FULL SERVICE. We plan, decorate, cater and do it all. If you've always had your heart set on a wedding reception with taverns, baked beans and potato salad - we can do it. Want just appetizers for a smaller group? We got this.

Original ideas are our forte'. Creativity is our middle name.

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BozWellz Catering


BozWellz Catering

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